Benefits of Converting your Existing Pool to a Magnesium Mineral Pool

Do you have a pool at home at that is full of plain chlorine water? Or do you fancy going to a swimming pool which is regularly circulated with chemicals? If none of the above is your choice then now is the time to convert your pool in to magnesium mineral rich pool which can do wonders for your health.

The magnesium and mineral induced pool can help alleviate pains and body aches while definitely soothes your skin on the other hand. This unique blend of magnesium and minerals adds pleasure to the entire swimming experience.

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Magnesium Pool – What are they

Magnesium pools are mineral based pools that does not require to have lesser concentration of chlorine than conventional pools and salt water (obviously). Lesser concentration of chlorine also refers to many health benefits as well as environmental benefits making it a sustainable option.

Here are some other benefits of magnesium mineral pool which can definitely change your minds.

Health Benefits

The are several benefits associated with magnesium mineral pools. Human health comes in first so let’s highlight associated benefits first and then have a view of benefits in general.

  • Magnesium mineral pools has a balanced level of magnesium dissolved in the water. The continuous process of infusion in human body helps the user to get this essential mineral ideal for reducing muscle and enhanced bone, and joint health.  
  • Several physicians and medical experts recommend taking a dip in Epsom salt baths. The magnesium mineral pools act as that Epsom salt bath. The heated pools elevate the experience and benefits to next level.
  • Many chlorinated water swimmers and pool user have common complain of increased dryness in skin and hair which leads to poor hair heath, and skin irritation. The magnesium mineral pool has a lesser tendency of drying out the hair and skin. As a result, the hair and skin health remain the same.
  • Magnesium is a building block mineral for human body having numerous benefits. It relieves stress by improving metabolism. The magnesium present in the pool water diffuses in to the human body. It reduces the levels of cortisol produced by the body through improved metabolism, giving the person a relaxed body after a dip.
  • The magnesium is mineral that improves sleep quality and many sleeping aids do contain it. The outcomes of many medical and science studies suggest the same. Hence, the absorbed magnesium can help get a better sleep to the user and especially those people who have sleeping disorders.
  • A major part of human history also proves the advantages of using magnesium and mineral baths throughout. For several centuries, people of various nations and regions used natural springs, ponds and streams which are full of minerals, for health benefits. Thees historical references includes Japanese onsen baths and Roman Empire’s communal bath.
  • Magnesium mineral pools are ideal for people with skin conditions like eczema which make skin sensitive.

General Benefits

Now, let’s go though general benefits of having magnesium mineral pools.

  • The chlorinated pools have higher tendency of promoting bacterial and algae growth because of two reasons. The lower levels of active chlorine availablility and combined chlorine. Thus, the chlorinated pools need frequently maintenance of chlorine levels by shocking the pool. The magnesium mineral pools have an entirely different property. The minerals circulate through chlorinator and produces adequate amount of chlorine to discourage algae and bacterial growth.
  • The chlorine pools require high maintenance to prevent calcification to avoid clogging of pipe network, plumbing, chlorinator and filters. It increases the load on the pumps due to critical cross sections of linings. The magnesium discourages calcification. Thus, as a result the pipes, fittings and other components remain clean.
  • The unmistakable muscle memory of remembering a unique smell of chlorinated body after a dip remains a key factor. Some people might like it but many don’t. The odour comes from chloramines which is a result of chlorine and ammonia from body liquids mixed in the pool water.
  • The magnesium mineral pools have lower levels of chlorine which means lesser presence of chloramines and lesser odour. The studies give a figure of 40% lesser chlorine presence in mineral pools.
  • The mineral pools can save up to 65% water in back washing procedure. It is possible by using glass media filtration in the mineral pools. This makes the backwash water eco-friendly and a green by-product as the minerals include potassium alongside magnesium which is beneficial for plant growth.
  • It also makes it more sustainable in terms of energy and water efficient. Some pool associations like Swimming Pool and Spa Association have requirements of sustainability measures in pools. Thus, human health lines up with plant growth and saving planet using a mineral pool.
  • What a nightmare it is to get out of a pool session and have blurry vision like poor videos quality from a low pixel camera? Adults may go through it with lesser discomfort but children do experience severe irritation making them cranky. Well, it is one of the perks of chloramines.
  • The mineral pools have lesser to no chlorine present. As a result, lesser to no irritation on eyes and lesser cranky child.
  • The mineral pools have lesser to no chlorine present. As a result, lesser to no irritation on eyes and lesser cranky child.
  • After a dip in pool, an additional water volume goes into cleaning and getting rid of sticky feeling after a dip. These minerals pools reduce this usage.


Magnesium mineral pools is an explicit and revolutionary option for conventional chlorinated pools. The benefits associated with the mineral pools are much more conventional pools and even cover up may cons of old methods.

There is an undeniable factor of higher costs associated with mineral pools but the benefits to the health, and environment out weighs the cost factor. Furthermore, the maintenance costs go down significantly due to lesser need of pool top-up and adding chlorine additives.

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