Green Pools: Causes & Solutions

Green Pool Problems: Fast and Easy Ways to Clean a Green Pool

A sparkling, lush clear pool in summer is the dream of every person for a fresh and cool pinch. But these random attacks of green pool problems turn a beautiful glistening water garden into an unpleasant pond.

Green pool problems are the problems that pool owners may face when the clean and glassy water becomes cloudy and greenish.

Pool water turns green with common issues like high temperatures, misbalanced chemistry, algae attacks, microscopic creatures, and chlorine imbalance. Owners should immediately look for filtration and remedy this emerging problem for enjoying summers with a sparkling and tranquil swimming pool.

Causes of Green pool

Green pool problems may emerge due to many reasons. Some of them are explained here:

Overgrowth of algae:

Sunlight, chemical imbalance in the pool, warm water, and low chlorine levels are the main reasons algae flourish in the pools.

Also, if there is no water circulation or chemicals in the pool, algae will grow; growing algae in swimming pools is more hazardous than in other lakes and streams and is highly concentrated.

It also causes bacteria growth to a dangerous level. So, swimming in such type of pool is cool once cleared. Phosphates are algae’s food; these may also cause the overgrowth of algae to a dangerous and harmful extent that is harmful to people using such pools.

Metals and Pollens:

Oxidation of metals in the pool, like ladders and pumps, is one of the main reasons for green pools. These metals may react with the pool’s chemicals and release material in the water that disturbs the chemical balance. Pollen that is greenish yellow also causes green pool problems. Pollens disturb water usually when the pools are not covered when they are not in use.

Disturbed chlorine levels:

Low chlorine levels cause algae and many other hazardous contaminants to multiply in the pool and cause green pool problems. Also, adding an extra amount of chlorine to the water may cause the metals in the pool to oxidize and turn into a different green shade.

Imbalanced pH:

The natural pH of pool water should be almost 7.3 to 7.6. The pool water remains neutral and good for swimming in this pH range. pH maintains the alkaline and acidic behavior of water. If the pH becomes too high, like above 7.8(towards basic), it will make chlorine useless for working in a pool. Algae will grow in water because of the inappropriate working of chlorine.

Filter problems:

Small, stinky water pockets cause algae growth in the pool without proper filtration and circulation. Filter in a pool does the most important job; it sucks all the dirt, toxic microorganisms, debris, pollens, and algae from the water, that’s why it is mostly green. It may also make the water cloudy because if the filter is not clean, it will not work properly and allow all the hazardous things that make the water green. Also, if the filter is not replaced for a long time, it may cause green pool problems.

Lack of pool maintenance:

Maintaining a pool during poor weather conditions like heavy rains and excessive sunlight is very important. Lack of proper pool maintenance and pool water testing may lead to many green pool problems.


The above-mentioned green pool problems have a bad and dangerous effect on pools and persons using pools. There are solutions to these green pool problems that will help us enjoy our summer without any fear:

Treatment of algae overgrowth:

For algae overgrowth, shock the pool with a high chlorine dose, balance the pH level, maintain sanitizer and chlorine levels, and proper circulation of the pool is also necessary. For algae growth treatment, double or triple dose is essential.

Cover the pools:

To prevent green pool problems due to pollens, you should cover your pools when not in use. Especially in winter, because there is more chance of green pool problems.

Use of harmless metals:

It would help if you used such metals for stairs and pumps of swimming pools that do not cause oxidation and do not react with pool water and chemicals.

Balanced chlorine level:

You should regularly check and test your pool water and maintain the suggested chlorine levels. Shock treatment helps bring chlorine back to a normal level. Also, add liquid or powdered chlorine and chlorine pills to the pool water. This process will prevent pool water from turning green.

Maintain pH level:

If the pH is too high, above 7.8, you can use pH reducers like muriatic acid or sodium bisulfate. It will help to neutralize water. Also, you should check the pH of water regularly; it also helps chlorine to kill algae and prevent green water problems.

Filtration and vacuum:

You should check that the filter works properly and backwash and clean it with a brush or with some suggested chemicals. It should be replaced after a fixed period for appropriate cleaning. It helps to clean out all the filthy material and harmful materials. It would help if you also brushed the walls and floor of pools to remove all the debris and filth and vacuumed the pool to remove suspended algae and other debris from the pool. Cleaning will help the filter work efficiently.

Important steps for pool maintenance:

Following are pool maintenance steps to prevent the pool from green pool problems:

  • Check your pool closely during adverse environmental conditions and make necessary adjustments in chemical levels.
  • Also, you should follow a proper maintenance schedule for a pool, like superchlorinating, cleaning, brushing, vacuuming, skimming, and checking chemical adjustments like copper and phosphates.

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