The Viking Guide to Cleaning Your Swimming Pool (Like A Pro)

viking guide to cleaning your pool like a pro

A swimming pool is a place of joy, fun, happiness, and relaxation during summer days. It requires consistent attention and maintenance to stay crystal-clear and germs-free.

So, if you want to clean your swimming pool like a pro, you’ve landed at the right place. Whether you’ve neglected swimming pools for months or years or want to clean them before the hot days’ arrival, you can make it perfect and pleasant with this professional guide. 

Understand Your Pool Anatomy

The pool’s overall health depends on its anatomic parts, including water, skimmer, drains, titles (walls and floor), and filters. Understanding your swimming pool’s components, such as its structures and working mechanism, is essential to ensure effective cleaning.

If you have understood your pool’s anatomy and its normal working, you will immediately point out if any issue arises. You can prevent damage to your pool equipment and increase its longevity by performing regular cleaning.  

Tools You Need for Pool Cleaning

Before stepping into your pool cleaning journey, gathering the equipment and tools you will need afterward for a practical and professional cleaning experience is essential.

  • Pool Test Strips – to check water’s chemical balance
  • Pool Skimmer – long-handled scoops
  • Pool Brush – for scrubbing
  • Pool Vacuum – to suck up debris
  • Pool Cleaning Chemicals – chlorine, balancing chemicals, or algaecides

Invest in quality tools to quickly and effectively clean pools; when the tools are good, the cleaning will automatically become professional.

Steps to Cleaning Your Pool Like a Professional

To own a luxury like a swimming pool is not a single-time investment as it requires a maintenance budget almost every week to preserve its beauty and spark.

So, you can enjoy summer splash to the fullest this year by thoroughly cleaning your pool by the following steps below.

  1. Skimming Off the Debris from Surface

The first step is collecting the floating debris from the water surface through a skimmer. The waste includes leaves, insects, bugs, grass clippings, or any foreign objects you can easily remove with a pool net.

Skimming doesn’t only improve the pool’s appearance but also prevents the debris from sinking and accumulating at the bottom. Consider repeating this activity regularly during the swimming season.

  1. Shocking the Pool

Shocking the pool means shocking algae and other organic matter and killing them by adding chemicals such as chlorine and algaecides. Add chlorine at night to avoid sun exposure and keep its levels up to 8-15 ppm.

  1. Brushing the Pool Tiles

Brushing the pool tiles on the floor and walls at least once a week can help prevent the accumulation of hard stains and algae buildup. Get the stiff bristles and wide-shaped brush and vigorously rub off the tiles to remove all unwanted accumulations.

You can select the material of the pool brush as per your pool tiles. Use stainless steel brush if you own plastered or concrete pools and nylon brushes for fiberglass pools.

  1. Vacuuming the Pool

Vacuuming once a week is crucial for sucking off all the dirt and debris that settle down at the bottom of the pool instead of floating. You can connect a pool vacuum and start by directing its valve where you think is the waste.

Remember to circulate the vacuum through all pool parts to get all the area. Avoid stirring and clouding of water by not sticking to one place for so long, as it will increase your workload and make water more difficult to clean. You can also go with the robotic pool vac to let your pool clean automatically every night.

  1. Clear the Pool Filter

The Filter continuously traps the dust and debris to keep the pool water clean. Turn off the Filter and let the water clear to reach the pressure up to 8-10 psi. When the required pressure is achieved, remove the filter cartridge and clean the Filter with the filter cleaner.

  1. Cover the Pool

Remember to cover the pool when not in use to keep it safe from excessive debris accumulation. If you don’t use a pool cover, the dust and debris sink at the bottom, making the pool challenging to clean.

How to Deal with Common Pool Cleaning Problems

Here, we’ll be discussing common pool cleaning problems you might face and the best strategies you can try out to solve them with ease:

  • Prevent Algae Development

The algae buildup is the primary cause of turning the pool’s blue water and white walls into green. Despite correcting chemical balance, you should frequently scrub the pool walls and floor to rub off algae. You can solve this issue by adding the right amount of chlorine and using a good algaecide.

  • Solve the Turbid Water Problem and Improve Quality

If you’re facing cloudy water problems in your pool, it can be due to the growth of certain bacteria or the accumulation of pollutants. Purify your pool’s water and improve quality by using good clarifiers and flocculants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you test pool water?

A properly balanced pool water is necessary to keep your pool water clean, healthy, and safe from harmful organisms. You should test your pool water every week and adjust it as needed.

What should be the pH of pool water?

A pool should have a slightly alkaline pH from 7.2 to 7.8. Remember to keep the total alkalinity ranging from 80 to 120 PPM.

How often should you do chlorination of water?

Chlorine is considered to be the best water sanitizer that is capable of protecting the water against the growth of harmful bacteria. Keenly monitor chlorine levels to adjust as per your pool water usage. If your pool is not in use, you can add this sanitizer once every week.


If you want to ensure the purity and health of your pool, follow this guide to clean your swimming pool like a pro. If you wish to find a guide for regular pool maintenance or find solutions to common pool cleaning problems, get all your answers in this guide. By following these tips or contacting Viking Pool Care Sunshine Coast services for help, you can keep your swimming pools in top-bright condition to enjoy a comfortable and safe swimming environment every time!

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