Why Does My Pool Need Regular Maintenance?

Owing a pool in your backyard is a luxury that needs maintenance on a regular basis. Regular pool maintenance is essential to ensure the ideal appearance, health, and water chemistry of the pool. Cleaning your swimming pool every week increases its longevity and ensures the safety of everyone who enjoys it.

Pool water is a habitat of algae blooms and can become a breeding ground for various harmful bacteria (E. Coli leads to urinary tract infections) and mosquitos if not treated well regularly. If you are not taking this matter into account, multiple serious problems can arise, such as pool resurfacing or equipment repair of the pool, that would lead you to spend thousands of dollars urgently.

Our Sunshine Coast Pool Services offer the most affordable pool cleaning and maintenance services. Let’s look at the importance of weekly pool maintenance, how it is done, and the benefits you can enjoy!

Routine Pool Maintenance Services

At Viking Pool Care, we provide classic swimming pool maintenance on the Sunshine Coast. Your pool requires light maintenance every week, and deep maintenance should be done yearly if any serious issues arise. So, let’s check out how you can clean your pool.


The initials of pool maintenance require the removal of surface debris and foreign bodies; here is what comes in “Skimmer.” It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep your pool tip-top. It doesn’t matter whether the pool looks clean from the surface. It would be best to use a skimmer at least once a week.

A net is attached to the telescoping pool that you can use to remove the floating debris, leaves, insects, and macro objects from the pool. This technique could be more useful concerning the pool’s health, but improving the pool’s appearance is highly beneficial.

Clean & Empty Skimmer Baskets

Once you’ve done with the surface, the next place is to clean out the skimmer basket. When the debris accumulates in the basket, it will reduce the water flow as the waste will strain the pump and not allow effective filtration. The leaves in the basket can accumulate phosphate in the pump that will impact chemical balance and require additional chlorine for effective disinfection.

So, find the basket in the pool deck and empty it at least once a week by shaking it out and spraying it inside. It will stimulate adequate circulation and filtration, lowering chlorine demands by maintaining chemical balance. If you don’t have enough time or want someone to resolve this issue, our Sunshine Coast Viking Pool Care Services are just a call away!  

Cleaning of Pool Walls & Tiles

Cleaning the pool walls and tiles is essential for the safety of people. There is a high chance of building up algae and other deposits on it, making the floor slippery and increasing the chances of falling. Such buildup of molds or mildew over a long time can damage your pool boundaries and floor, requiring remodeling or renovation.

So, cleaning it at least twice a month using a soft brush for vinyl walls and a stiff brush for plaster-lined walls is best. You can use various gentle cleaners or soaps to clean pool tiles. You can delay its cleaning if your pool is not used much, such as doing it once a month. But remember to give it extra attention if it is of great use, as it is a matter of safety for you and your family!

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners are the best devices for pool cleaning if you want to save you don’t want to put much effort and time. Such cleaners collect foreign objects, such as debris or leaves, by moving them around the pool. It shows that it only superficially cleanses the pool and is ineffective for deep pool cleaning.

These pool cleaners require continuous monitoring as they quickly get stuck on the cracks or pool walls, leading to immobility of the suction, which can also be dangerous. So, if you want effective cleaning of your Sunshine Coast pools, use other better methods or contact Viking Pool Care for the best services.

Sweep Around the Pool

The last step is to sweep the whole exterior of your pool by sweeping all around. Consider sweeping the sides to reach toward benches or stairs to ensure a complete clean from any water spillage or debris that could make the ground slippery. Performing this part at the last ensures minimizing the accidents.

Benefits of Regular Pool maintenance

  1. Prevent Diseases: When the pool is not maintained regularly, it can be a habitat for germs that will ultimately spread diseases. Maintaining and cleaning the pool weekly can help eradicate germ-introducing agents and keep your pool clean and pure.
  2. Maintains pH: A low pH is acidic, is not suitable for health if ingested, and turns water to appear like juice, or a high alkalic pH can give water a milky appearance So, doing weekly pool cleaning id vital for retaining the neutral pH of water.
  3. Increases Longevity: If you neglect your pool, the water can become corrosive and may end up damaging the more expensive equipment of your pool. So, consistent maintenance adds more years to the life and value of your pool.
  4. Maintains Chemical Balance: It helps in the water’s chemical balance, as improper balance can increase the risks of eye and skin infections.
  5. Create Outstanding Ambiance: Regular cleaning can help prevent unpleasant odors and provide a crystal-clear pool appearance. Let the pool sparkle in the sunlight without lingering smells by performing weekly cleaning and maintenance.

Conclusion: Your pool can always be in top condition for longer if you perform its regular maintenance. Sunshine Coast Viking Pool Care Service is there for you if you want a team of professionals to perform such tasks every week and save you time and stress. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and concerns.

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