Autochlor Salt Water Chlorinator

Experience practicality and peace of mind with the AutoChlor Classic Mark II, your trusted solution for pool water disinfection. Designed with simplicity in mind, this system is easy to use and maintain, ensuring hassle-free operation for pool owners.

Benefit from the assurance of a 4-year full warranty, providing added confidence in the durability and reliability of the AutoChlor Classic Mark II. Say goodbye to worries about pool water hygiene and enjoy the convenience of effortless disinfection with this reliable system.

The AutoChlor® Classic™ Mark II, equipped with an array of advanced features to ensure optimal performance and durability:

Wide Chlorine Output Range: From 15g/hr to 80g/hr, providing flexibility to meet varying pool water disinfection needs.

Powder-Coated Steel Construction: Delivers a robust and corrosion-resistant enclosure, ensuring long-lasting durability.

External Aluminium Heatsink: Provides enhanced cooling to alleviate internal heat, contributing to the system’s reliability.

Robust and Reliable Transformer: Resistant to power fluctuations and high temperatures, ensuring consistent operation.

Tinted Polycarbonate Front Cover: Protects against direct sunlight and accidental splashes, preserving the integrity of the system.

Simplified User Interface: Retains only essential control functions, ensuring ease of use for pool owners.

Standard Safety Measures: Prevent damage caused by overloading, water flow interruption, high/low salt, and other unforeseen events, ensuring peace of mind.

Reverse Polarity (RP) Function: Reduces calcium build-up on electrodes, minimizing maintenance requirements.

Genuine AIS Anode: Ensures the longevity of the electrolytic cell, maintaining optimal performance over time.

Proudly Australian Designed and Manufactured: Reflecting superior craftsmanship and quality.

Optional Extras Include:

Heavy Duty Anode: Delivers a longer cell lifespan and comes with an 18-month commercial warranty for RP50, RP64 & RP80 models.

Digital Backup Timer: Ensures chlorine production resumes at pre-set times after power outages, maintaining consistent disinfection.

Low Salt Model: Enables operation in low salinity pool water (3000ppm), offering versatility for different pool environments.

Pool Light Transformer: Provides 12v, 24v, or 36v timed power output for pool lighting needs, enhancing convenience and functionality.

Experience unparalleled performance and reliability with the AutoChlor® Classic™ Mark II, designed to simplify pool water disinfection while ensuring peace of mind for pool owners.

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