Neptune NDC25 Digital Chlorinator

The Neptune NDC25 Digital Saltwater Chlorinator is your go-to solution for maintaining crystal-clear pool water. Here’s why it’s a top choice:

Precise Chlorine Output

  • With a robust 25g/hr chlorine output, this chlorinator ensures optimal sanitation for your pool.
  • Say goodbye to algae and bacteria—your water will be pristine and inviting.

Self-Cleaning Technology

  • The Neptune NDC25 features reverse polarity self-cleaning.
  • No more manual scrubbing or maintenance hassles—let the chlorinator take care of itself.

Low Salt Requirement

  • Operating within the range of 3,000 – 3,500 ppm salt, it’s gentle on your pool water.
  • Enjoy the benefits of saltwater without excessive salinity.

Built-in Self Regulator

  • The chlorinator’s self-regulating feature ensures consistent performance even in high-salt conditions.
  • Say hello to hassle-free operation.

User-Friendly LCD Screen

  • Navigate settings effortlessly with the easy-to-use touch pad and LCD screen.
  • Adjust chlorine levels, timers, and functions with a few taps.

Premium Titanium Cell

  • The premium-grade titanium cell guarantees durability and efficient chlorine production.
  • It’s built to withstand the rigors of pool chemistry.

Versatile Functions

  • Choose from backwash, super-chlorinate, and winter mode settings.
  • Customize your chlorinator’s operation to match seasonal needs.

Flexible Timer Options

  • Opt for single or dual timer cycles based on your pool usage patterns.
  • Efficiently manage chlorination without wasting energy.

Built-in Monitoring

  • The chlorinator offers salt test, water flow, and temperature measurements.
  • Stay informed about your pool’s condition at all times.

Adaptable Cell Design

  • Install the Neptune NDC25 vertically or horizontally—the unique cell design accommodates both orientations.

Residential Warranty

  • Rest easy with a 4-year warranty covering the power pack and cell for residential installations.
  • Neptune stands by its quality and reliability.
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