Pool Pro CPPS30 Chlorinator

The Pool Pro CPPS30 Chlorinator is your solution for maintaining pristine pool water. Dive into its exceptional features:

Low Salt Operation (3000-3500ppm)

  • Operating within the range of 0.3% – 0.35% salt, this chlorinator ensures gentle water chemistry.
  • Say goodbye to excessive salinity while keeping your pool crystal clear.

Mineral and Magnesium Compatibility

  • The CPPS30 is compatible with mineral and magnesium salts.
  • Enjoy the benefits of these alternative sanitizers without compromising performance.

Standard and Self-Cleaning Models

  • Choose between the standard and self-cleaning models based on your preferences.
  • The self-cleaning option reduces maintenance hassles, leaving you more time to enjoy your pool.

Advanced Protections

  • The chlorinator features current limitingover-temperature, and over-current protections.
  • Your pool equipment is safeguarded against unexpected issues.

Water Hardness Switch

  • For high calcium areas, the CPPS models include a water hardness switch.
  • Adjust settings to match your specific water conditions.

Reliable Quartz Mechanical Timer

  • The chlorinator’s quartz mechanical timer ensures precise operation.
  • With battery backup, you won’t lose settings during power outages.

Premium Titanium Cell

  • The premium-grade titanium cell guarantees durability and efficient chlorine production.
  • It’s built to withstand the rigors of pool chemistry.

Isolation Transformer Design

  • Approved to AS3108 standards, the CPPS30 features an isolation transformer design.
  • Safety and compliance are our priorities.

High Chlorine Production

  • Enjoy optimal sanitation with the CPPS30’s high chlorine production.
  • Your pool water will be clean and inviting.

Residential Warranty

  • Rest easy with a 3-year warranty covering the power pack and cell for residential installations.
  • Pool Pro stands by its quality and reliability.
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