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At Viking Pool Care, we’re proud to offer the Maytronics Dolphin X series, a lineup of cutting-edge robotic pool cleaners designed to elevate your pool maintenance experience. Engineered by Maytronics, a renowned leader in the pool cleaning industry, the Dolphin X series combines advanced technology with efficient cleaning performance to keep your pool sparkling clean with minimal effort.

The Dolphin X series includes a range of models tailored to suit various pool sizes and cleaning needs, including:

Dolphin Active X6: Dive into effortless pool maintenance with the Dolphin Active X6 robotic pool cleaner. Designed for maximum cleaning performance and convenient operation, the Active X6 keeps your pool clean and ready for enjoyment with minimal effort. Its cloud-connected feature puts control in your hands anytime, anywhere.

Dolphin X40 Plus: Elevate your pool cleaning experience with the Dolphin X40 Plus robotic pool cleaner. Experience unparalleled ease and freedom as you control your Dolphin X40 Plus through the advanced MyDolphinTM Plus app. Set up cleaning programs and navigate the robot remotely for a hassle-free cleaning routine.

Dolphin X30: Discover exceptional pool cleaning performance with the Dolphin X30. Equipped with active brushing, CleverClean scanning, and PowerStream mobility system, the X30 ensures effective cleaning on all pool surfaces. From the floor to the walls and waterline, enjoy a spotlessly clean pool every time.

Dolphin E10: This lightweight and compact robotic pool cleaner expertly cleans your pool floor with its easy-to-use top access filtration system. Enjoy effortless maintenance and crystal-clear water with the Dolphin E10.

Key Features of the Dolphin X Series:

Intelligent Navigation: Powered by CleverClean™ scanning with PowerStream mobility technology, Dolphin X series cleaners intelligently navigate your pool to ensure comprehensive cleaning coverage, leaving no corner untouched.

Powerful Scrubbing Action: Equipped with high-performance scrubbing brushes, Dolphin X cleaners effectively loosen and remove dirt, debris, and algae from pool surfaces, including walls and waterline.

Dual Filtration System: Featuring a dual filtration system with fine and ultra-fine filters, Dolphin X cleaners capture both large and small particles, providing a thorough clean for a pristine pool environment.

User-Friendly Operation: With an intuitive control panel, Dolphin X cleaners are easy to operate and program, allowing you to schedule cleaning cycles and adjust settings effortlessly.

Energy Efficiency: Designed for energy-efficient operation, Dolphin X series cleaners help reduce energy consumption and operating costs while delivering exceptional cleaning performance.

Active Cleaning Technology: Some models in the Dolphin X series feature active brushing technology, which continuously scrubs pool surfaces to enhance cleaning effectiveness and maintain water clarity.

Convenient Connectivity: Enjoy the convenience of remote control and Bluetooth connectivity with select Dolphin X models, enabling you to control and monitor your cleaner from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

Experience the Difference with the Maytronics Dolphin X Series

With the Maytronics Dolphin X series, maintaining a clean and inviting pool has never been easier. Say goodbye to manual cleaning and hello to effortless pool maintenance with the Dolphin X series cleaners, available now at Viking Pool Care Buderim.

Upgrade your pool cleaning routine with the Maytronics Dolphin X series today!

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