Inverflow Pro

At Viking Pool Care, we’re thrilled to introduce the Inverflow Pro Pool Pump from Madimack featuring exclusive InverMAC Enhanced Inverter Technology. Engineered to revolutionize pool pump performance, the Inverflow Pro combines advanced features with unparalleled energy efficiency, ensuring a superior pool experience for our customers.

Key Features and Benefits:

Active Energy Monitoring: Keep tabs on your energy consumption in real-time with the built-in energy monitor.

Adaptive Flow Technology: Experience dynamically adjusted flow rates that match your pool’s requirements, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced equipment wear.

MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards): The Inverflow Pro exceeds industry standards, delivering market-leading energy efficiency for your pool.

No-Flow Protection: Rest easy knowing your pump is safeguarded with intuitive protection features.

WiFi Connectivity: Take control of your pump from anywhere with convenient WiFi connectivity.

Sound Suppression Technology: Enjoy a quieter pool environment with advanced sound suppression technology.

Full Inverter Technology: Benefit from precise speed control, including automatic adjustments for capacities ranging from 30% to 100%.

Centrifugal Impeller Technology: The Inverflow Pro utilizes cutting-edge centrifugal impeller technology for optimal performance.

DC Brushless Motor: Experience whisper-quiet operation and enhanced durability with the DC brushless motor.

The Inverflow Pro Pool Pump with InverMAC Enhanced Inverter Technology represents the pinnacle of innovation and sustainability in pool equipment. Trust Viking Pool Care to provide you with the best-in-class products for your pool needs.

Upgrade to the Inverflow Pro today and elevate your pool experience!

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